Tales of Tel'Palurin: Chains of Betrayal

Tel'Palurin: Chains of Betrayal
The Road Thus Travelled

In the year 1151 of the 3rd Age of the plane known as Tel’Palurin, an unlikely group of strangers has come together to combat the forces of destruction. The story begins in the small town of Brindol, in the province of Aver in the united trinity of human-dominated kingdoms known as Elbenia, which occupies the south-eastern peninsula of the mapped continent. In the month of Forgelight, hot and sunny beneath the fiery gaze of Haemar’s domain, at a small pub called the Antler & Thistle, five travellers are thrust into the conflagration of battle. They are:

Izera, a Githzerai Seeker from the faraway land of Eustena, with its bamboo forests and rice paddies. Her home is the mountaintop monastery of Mon-Bok-Li, a training ground for monks and seekers that has grown into a city over the generations.

Yourna Mehere, a Genasi with a soul of water and a heart of fire. She possesses power undiscovered, and for all the knowledge that she retains she is naive to the ways of this world, having been born fully formed from the heart of the Nessimil Maelstrom only weeks before.

Istrar Do’Urden, a shadw in the dark, a vision of death. Serving the ancient and secretive Brotherhood of Venom and their lord Beledhroth, the Serpent Immortal, he is a revenant with an unknown purpose and untapped potential.

Varigan, a vampire from the capitol of Meping in the land of Eustena. Paradoxically devoted to the goddess Felar-Dûm, the goddess of pure death and enemy of all undead, Varigan has returned to ease the passing of an old family friend into the arms of his goddess.

A Nameless cleric, one of Pharam’s judges. This nameless one is birthed of a lycanthropic heritage, a Shifter. He preaches the tenets of the god of law and civilization with utmost conviction.

As these five strangers stop for repast at the Antler & Thisle, unaware that the strands of Fate have already entwined them, the city is beset by a host of monsters from the wilds. An army of hobgoblins and ogres attacks, slaughtering innocents and burning buildings. The five spring into action, quickly laying waste to the enemy and subduing one hapless hobgoblin for questioning.

The battle spills from the tavern into the street, where the five are joined by the paladin Ghesh, the Nameless cleric’s travelling companion and adopted brother. The six meet a new threat…an ogre, hurling firebombs. Using the ogre’s explosive arsenal to their advantage, the party prevails, and step to in assisting the city guard with damage control and healing.

The following morning, after assisting the city guard, the sixbare summoned to the office of Eoffram Troyas, a councilman of Brindol. Troyas offers reward in return for the rescue of Brindol citizens captured in the raid, and the eradication of the monsters’ lair. Accepting, the party follows their only lead…the hobgoblin captured in the bar battle.

After pressing him for information, the party set out after the monsters, tracing them to an old ruin in a hidden mountain valley south of the city. The party discover an old catacomb, recently unsealed, and in the depths of the mausoleum they discover the remnants of the Rivenroar Sect, an extremist cult devoted to the Insane God, Aragmar. The sect, long thought dead, was devoted to the release of Aragmar, knowing full well it could mean the destruction of the Astral Sea itself.

Beneath the ruins of Rivenroar Castle, the party encounters many dangers, including the Lords of Rivenroar themselves, syphoning energy from the hapless citizens to restore their own vitality. Defeating the vile Lords, the party collapses the catacombs, forever sealing away its evil.

Upon returning to Brindol, the party finds the city in disarray, the result of an elemental attack released during the party’s stint in the Rivenroar catacombs. The noble council of Brindol immediately convenes to beseech further aid from the party. During the party’s expedition the Harwal nobles, the ruling family of Elbenia, have been assassinated. Being the cause of the Rivenroars’ destruction, the resurgence of Rivenroar coinciding with the royal assassination is of the utmost worry.

The council asks the party to proceed immediately to Coast Keep to inform the noble council of the resurgence of Rivenroar, then to the Shorlind Academy to investigate the elemental fluctuations. Fully in agreement, the party takes a short rest to recoup from the ordeal at Rivenroar Castle, then sets out westward for the town of Toldaine, a trade town that should allow them to book passage to Coast Keep.

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