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The Primordials

Beings of pure elemental energy, the Primordials are amorphous, constantly changing in shape, composition and purpose, the true embodiment of chaos. A Primordial may in one instant create an entire universe within the Mere, only to turn around an destroy it the next. The Primordials do have a sense of self, an aspect bestowed on them by the taints of Time and the Astral Sea. This self-awareness has given them one unified purpose: to destroy the object of their pain and torment, the Astral Sea and all its inhabitants. There are six known Primordials:

  • The Agony Which Bathes in Destruction
  • The Princess in Wretched Passion
  • The Thing Which Nightmares Detest
  • The Mutinous Patriarch Alight
  • The Mother of Necessary Intervention
  • The Unbridled Fury of Silence

History speaks of a seventh Primordial, known only as Chronomancer, the Purity of Time. It is said this Primordial poisoned its brethren with the burden of purpose, and was exiled during the Succession War.

The Nâmacharûs

More commonly called “the Proliferate Council”, these deities are considered to be aligned with creation, expansion and exploration. They are generally deemed to be benevolent, or at least not wholly bent on domination or destruction, considering the lesser beings of the planes to be curiosities or pets that require nurturing and care. The deities that form this council are:

The Dakaturrûs

They are called “the Corrupted Congress”. These deities are considered to be enemies of free will and just rule. Few are deliberately destructive, however. Rather, where the Proliferate Council is aligned with growth and expansion, the Congress desires conquest and dominance. The deities of this shaky union wish to rule the lesser beings, and be served by their vassals for all eternity. The deities that comprise the Congress are:

The Betrayer


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