The Planar Fabric

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The Material Planes
Demonstrating a remarkable balance of divine and elemental energies combined with magical and natural structure, the material planes house the vast majority of mortal life in the universe.

The Astral Sea
An infinite universe inside an eggshell, the Astral Sea was created through pure happenstance, an inadvertent balancing of the elemental powers that make up the universe. It is in this relatively calm medium that the ordered gods first appeared and began the process of Creation. The Astral Sea is now protected by a shell of power erected by the gods during the Succession War. The gods have each carved their own domain in the fabric of the Astral Sea.

The Mere (Elemental Chaos)
The Mere is an endless, formless space filled with currents of elemental energy. These currents spew forth from the Primordials, which are themselves formless. As the natures of the Primordials shift, so, too, do the elemental currents they exude. They are the Founts of all energy in this dimension. The Mere itself is an amorphous amalgamation of planes, universes, worlds, creatures and energies so convoluted they cannot be defined by logical thought. Most who peer into the elemental chaos using divination are driven mad by it, and those who aren’t are never the same, and never speak of what they have seen. The only way into the Mere is through the Rift of the Abyss. It is unknown if any has ever survived both the journey through the Abyss, with its demonic inhabitants, or through the Rift itself, as nobody who has attempted the journey has ever returned.

The Planar Fabric

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