It is the year 1151 of the 3rd Age, on the plane of existence known as Tel’Palurin. It is a world of dragons and magic, gods and monsters, adventure and discovery. The people of this world survive by sword, sorcery and faith, carving their existence from the wild lands. Strongholds offer respite from the dangers of the untamed lands, but those who live outside these havens live under constant threat of attack from monsters, bandits, and disaster both natural and unnatural.
In this Age, cataclysm shall threaten the very existence of the universe as a cult thought long dead arises again, the undead hordes of the Frozen Wastes shall once again venture southward, a murderous beast shall renew its rampage, and an alien threat from another dimension shall reveal itself. This world needs defenders. This world needs champions.

This world needs Heroes.

Tales of Tel'Palurin: Chains of Betrayal

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